Winning the Shopper

Brandscapes’ DesignMaxx and OmniScapes solutions harness advanced technology and shopper insights to optimize brand impact and visibility in the retail landscape. With DesignMaxx’s blend of behavioral science and tech-driven evaluations, and OmniScapes’ mobile-based ethnography for omni-channel shopping behavior decoding, businesses can effectively navigate market complexities and enhance their retail impact.

Winning the Shopper

Leveraging DesignMaxx and OmniScapes for Maximum Retail Impact In today’s competitive retail landscape, understanding shopper behavior and maximizing brand visibility are vital for success. Brandscapes offers two powerful solutions: DesignMaxx and OmniScapes, to help businesses navigate this complex terrain and win over shoppers.
DesignMaxx is a comprehensive service that optimizes brand impact and market presence using advanced technology and innovative methods. By blending behavioral science with eye-tracking and biometric technology, DesignMaxx evaluates pack and POSM designs effectively across varied retail environments. With its data-driven insights, DesignMaxx offers clear, future-focused recommendations to enhance packaging or planogram efficiency. Its unique approach combines System 1 and System 2 thinking, providing a comprehensive view of the market and guiding businesses through market complexities and strategy development. With its proven track record, customized solutions, and end-to-end support, DesignMaxx is more than just a design service—it’s your strategic partner in achieving business goals.
OmniScapes is a groundbreaking solution offered by Brandscapes to decode in-the-moment omni-channel shopping behavior. Using advanced mobile-based ethnography, OmniScapes captures touchpoint interactions and shopper preferences, providing a deep understanding of dominant shopper journeys. This holistic insight allows businesses to optimize touchpoints, enhancing the shopping experience and brand visibility. The dynamic VR platform identifies effective point-of-sale design elements, empowering strategic decisions with in-depth shopper insights. By tailoring the touchpoint mix and messaging, OmniScapes enhances the shopper experience, provides a competitive advantage, and drives growth. Choose OmniScapes for industry-leading solutions, extensive experience, and a data-driven approach.
Together, DesignMaxx and OmniScapes provide a powerful combination of design optimization and shopper insights, helping businesses maximize retail impact and win over shoppers. Click on each tab below to explore how we can assist your business in winning the shoppers.

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