Life at BSW

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Let's Accelerate Together

We are dedicated to accelerating growth, both for our clients and our employees. Our aim is to catalyze business and career growth, while also fuelling big dreams.

As a team of 350+ employees serving clients globally, Brandscapes is a dynamic and fast-paced company that is growing at a phenomenal rate. With ambitions to grow and innovate further, we’re looking for bright, enthusiastic and talented people to join the team.

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Why Join Brandscapes?

Grow & Develop
Working with bright, ambitious people will influence how you think, grow and develop, enabling you to nurture your career to the next level.

Along with the great experience, you will develop strong and deeply collaborative working relationships with a team of focused, agile, and passionate insight professionals.
Accelerate Your Career
Every single day, our 350+ strong global employee base embody a youthful global perspective and emphasize being a learning multiplier.

Our clients consider us to be as pragmatic partners committed to excellence, partnering with clients as equals, working together towards success.
Have Fun & Be Healthy
Cultivating a career at BSW does not mean you need to forego having fun. With an active social calendar filled with team events, family fun days and sporting competitions, we strive to deliver a balance between work and play!

Brandscapes invests in Truworth wellness program, mental health and wellbeing support and yoga and meditation sessions to promote employee wellness

Get the Most Out of Your Brandscapes Career

Brandscapes’ success is owed to our people. That’s why we put their welfare first. We invest in Truworth wellness program, mental health and wellbeing support and yoga and meditation sessions to promote employee wellness.

Perks & Benefits of a Career With Brandscapes

While these differ globally, our benefits include health, pension, and life insurance, among other great perks.

Access mentors across the business and practices to help you step into your full potential. Our open approach in work culture allows you to interact with leaders across practice areas.

Our employees enjoy opportunities to change career paths and relocate to our global offices in a risk-free environment.

At Brandscapes, you get a unique opportunity to work across the world even at the beginning of your career, thereby accelerating your learning curve.

Our flexible, hybrid working, and family-friendly policy mean that work adapts to your life, and not the other way around.

We regularly reward individual and team achievements, and employees’ ability to show and live our SPARKvalues.

What Employees Say About #LifeatBSW

Fenergo is an exciting place to work. We are encouraged to be curious, to be innovative and to challenge the status quo. There is huge potential to learn and to develop your career, with access to industry recognised training and certifications. There are also opportunities to attend external events and training.

Niamh Gallagher

Director of Talent Management, Dublin

There are many opportunities at Fenergo for someone with a technical background. We use the latest technologies for our projects and people are always encouraged to learn new things and keep up to date.

Alejandro Valbuena

Senior SaaS Engineer, Madrid

It’s great to be at a company that fosters growth and opportunity, with pathways across the entire organization. My recent transition from BDR to Product was well supported and allowed me to leverage my client experience in a new role and support the development of our roadmap.

Tariq de la Croix

Associate Product Owner, Sydney

We stand for SPARK

"SPARK"? It stands for:

S | P-> Strive for Progress:

We are dedicated to accelerating growth, both for businesses and individuals. Our aim is to catalyze business and career growth, while also fuelling big dreams.

A-> Adapt Globally

We take a global outlook and cater to local needs. We embody a "youthful global" perspective and emphasize being a "learning multiplier."

R-> Reinvent with Technology:

We leverage technology to enhance our offerings. By combining human intelligence with the latest technology, we provide cutting-edge solutions.

K->Keep it Practical:

We position ourselves as pragmatic partners committed to excellence. We aim to partner with clients as equals, working together towards success.

This acronym captures the essence of accelerating growth, embracing a glocal mindset, being tech-savvy, and maintaining a pragmatic approach. It’s catchy and memorable, making it a great choice for conveying these concepts.

Join the Brandscapes Team

Become part of the workplace of choice for ambitious individuals and unleash your potential as a business growth accelerator for leading multinationals. At Brandscapes, we are committed to employing the brightest minds and utilizing the most advanced technologies to drive innovation and success.

At Brandscapes Worldwide, we flourish in a ‘work hard, play hard’ environment that not only focuses on delivering high-quality output but also on maintaining an engaging atmosphere. We nurture a culture of benevolent meritocracy – where people are encouraged to excel without competing with each other.

As an organization setting industry standards, Brandscapes has a highly professional, vibrant, and multicultural team of consultants and analysts from the best engineering, statistics, and business schools. Our leadership team consists of an eclectic group of experts with rich experience in marketing management, advertising and communication, market research, marketing science and information systems.               

An open-door policy ensures complete access to the leadership team members, who also take on the responsibility of training and mentoring the younger team members. We encourage people to set goals and periodically evaluate their progress by employing a Performance Management System. Training needs are then identified, and focused training programs are developed based on individual requirements.

After-hours at Brandscapes are filled with interactive creative pursuits, outdoor activities, and community activities that bring out our employees’ passion for life and responsibility to society.

Welcome to Brandscapes Worldwide!

We are a global brand consulting firm driven by our vision to accelerate growth, not just for businesses, but also for individuals. Our mission is to be the catalyst for both business and career growth, empowering you to reach your big dreams.
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