Accelerating Retail Growth

Boost your retail growth with Brandscapes. Harness the power of our DesignMaxx service to maximize brand impact and utilize our revolutionary ShelfTrack solution for optimized shelf analytics.

Accelerating Retail Growth with Brandscapes

In the fast-paced world of retail, businesses need innovative solutions to stay ahead. At Brandscapes, we offer two cutting-edge services designed to accelerate retail growth through strategic design and shelf optimization: DesignMaxx and ShelfTrack.
Brandscapes’ DesignMaxx is a comprehensive service that amplifies brand presence and impact in the market using advanced technology and innovative methods. It leverages behavioral science, eye-tracking, and biometric technology for effective pack and POSM design evaluation. The service tests designs in various retail environments using its Dynamic Advance Stimulus and provides futuristic recommendations to enhance pack/packaging or planogram efficiency.
ShelfTrack is a revolutionary AI-powered shelf analytics solution from Brandscapes. It offers real-time insights from in-store images for accurate retail execution. With its mobile app, ShelfTrack simplifies data collection, eliminating manual audits. It works across multiple retail channels, processing millions of images instantly while ensuring GDPR compliance for data privacy and security. Click on each tab below to explore how we can assist your business in accelerating retail growth.

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