Reinforcing E-tailer Partnerships for a Worldwide CPG Entity through Superior Shopping Experiences

The Challenge:

A multinational consumer packaged goods (CPG) corporation aspired to enhance its affiliations with prominent e-tailers in Southeast Asia (SEA). The primary objective was to comprehend shopping behaviors and ameliorate the user experience on these platforms.

Brandscapes Insights:

    • Engagement Mapping: Utilizing mobile ethnography and comprehensive interviews, we charted engagement with Pure-play, Grocery.coms, and On-demand entities concerning missions, Share of Attention (SoA), categories purchased, and platform choice influencers.
    • Behavioral Shifts: We pinpointed alterations in behavior over the preceding three years regarding channel interaction – by mission and e-tailer.
    • Personas Understanding: We scrutinized various personas and their behaviors based on time, energy, and value parameters.
    • Platform Experience: We evaluated the platform experience from initial landing until the final click, gauging what users desired, what transpired, and their emotional responses.

Marketing Actions:

  • E-tailer Engagement: We suggested engagement strategies with e-tailers to amplify or improve platform choice influencers.
  • Assortment Optimization: We recommended assortment optimization considering platform, mission, and category preferences.
  • App Enhancements: We proposed enhancements to the app to enrich the user experience.
  • Persona Prioritization: We advised on prioritizing personas for targeted communication.


Over the course of the study, the client fortified their relationships with various e-tailers by offering an impartial view of evolving perceptions, behaviors, and experiences. This case study demonstrates our commitment to aiding clients navigate complex market changes using innovative strategies. Our strategic approach and detailed analysis allowed our client to make informed decisions that significantly improved their e-tailer partnerships and user experiences.

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