Deciphering the New Mom’s Path: An In-Depth Study on Baby Care Brand Choices

The Challenge:

Our client, a worldwide producer of baby care items, was wrestling with a decrease in market share due to the surge of new competitors in the category. The client aimed to gain a more profound understanding of this shift in market dynamics.

Brandscapes Insights:

Our strategy revolved around capturing the subtle elements that influence a mother’s behavior and attitudes towards baby care brands. We probed into four key aspects: 

  • People: Who sways the mother’s purchasing decisions? 
  • Occasion: When and where do these buying decisions take place? 
  • Motivation: What propels the mother to choose one brand over another? 
  • Fulfillment: How content is the mother with her chosen brand? Through this multifaceted evaluation, we managed to segment the mothers accurately, offering a more nuanced perspective.

Marketing Actions:

Equipped with these insights, we were able to: 

  • Help the brand comprehend the perspective of new-age mothers. 
  • Provide insights into the rituals and needs of babies. 
  • Identify communication gaps and devise strategies to effectively reach the target audience.


Our study provided the client with a comprehensive view of how mothers interact with baby care brands. We managed to decode the primary target segment, providing essential insights for the client to regain its market position. This case study exemplifies our commitment to using data-driven strategies to deliver tangible business outcomes. Our comprehensive analysis and strategic approach enabled our client to make well-informed decisions that significantly improved their product development and enhanced their market competitiveness.

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