Forging Market Footprints: A Strategic Manoeuvre for Positioning in Ghana’s BFSI Sector

The Challenge:

Our client sought to create a significant connection with young Ghanaians within the competitive BFSI sector. The objective was to pinpoint a unique and differentiated role that would resonate with this target demographic and establish a lasting bond.

Brandscapes Insights:

We carried out an exhaustive study of the life contexts and realities molding young Ghanaians today. Three dominant factors surfaced: tribal ancestry, patriarchal social structures, and imprints of colonialism. Upon examining the mindset of the youth, we discovered discontentment with current-day realities, suggesting opportunities for external influencers to instigate change.

Marketing Actions:

Our research uncovered two distinct economic divides within Ghana, leading to varied perspectives among young Ghanaians. This revelation illuminated the actual tensions experienced by this demographic. Through these tensions, we identified two clear positioning spaces. Mapping these spaces against Jungian archetypes enabled us to pinpoint the role our client’s brand could assume to nurture meaningful, enduring connections with young Ghanaians.


In alignment with the identified space, our client proceeded to design and offer financial solutions specifically tailored for young Ghanaians. These initiatives aimed to empower them to become financially independent, strong, and self-sufficient, demonstrating the successful application of our strategic insights. This case study exemplifies our commitment to using data-driven strategies to deliver tangible business outcomes. Our comprehensive analysis and strategic approach empowered our client to make informed decisions that significantly improved their product development and enhanced market competitiveness.

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