Enhancing User Experience for a B2B Ordering Platform in Turkey

The Challenge:

A leading B2B ordering platform based in Turkey aimed to assess the user-friendliness of its website among its prime audience – retailers. The objective was to derive actionable insights that would guide subsequent interface modifications for an optimized user experience.

Brandscapes Insights:

Our team embarked on a thorough exploration, utilizing a comprehensive methodology that encompassed:

  • Evaluating Cognitive States: We assessed parameters like engagement, interest, valence (the balance between positive and negative emotions), and excitement to grasp users’ emotional responses to the website.
  • Studying Shopping Behavior: By examining the online shopping patterns of retailers, we extracted valuable developmental cues that were inherently intuitive.
  • Identifying Weak Spots: We located areas where the website did not meet core user expectations, underlining them for improvement.

Marketing Actions:

Guided by our findings, we initiated decisive marketing actions to enhance the user experience:

  • Clear Communication: We made substantial improvements in how the website interacted with its users, simplifying navigation and encouraging both new and existing customers to adopt e-commerce.
  • Addressing Pain Points: We overhauled the website’s structure to better guide and inform users, enhanced visual elements for improved engagement, and identified strategies to streamline communication and elevate the overall user experience.


Our efforts culminated in a redesigned website that prioritized user convenience. We simplified various forms and processes, significantly reducing friction in the user experience. This strategic revamp not only enhanced the platform’s usability but also positioned it for increased growth in the competitive B2B e-commerce landscape. This case study illustrates our commitment to delivering data-driven strategies that result in tangible business outcomes. Our strategic approach and comprehensive analysis enabled our client to make informed decisions that significantly improved their website’s user experience and boosted platform usability.

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