Impact Amplification: Optimizing Pack Design for a Face Care Brand in a Competitive Retail Landscape

The Challenge:

In a market saturated with ‘me too’ brands and analogous pack designs, our client, a face care brand, aspired to distinguish itself and project a premium persona amid escalating competition.

Brandscapes Observations:

Leveraging eye-tracking at a virtual shelf, retrospective think-aloud interviews, and semiotic decoding sessions, we analyzed the role of each design element – colors, graphics, fonts, and layouts – in terms of shelf-level visibility, appeal, communication, and persuasion. In a competitive setting teeming with brands using similar color codes, we pinpointed unique elements capable of establishing differentiation and conveying premium cues for the brand, effectively attracting shopper attention at the shelf.

Marketing Actions:

Our insights informed not only the pack design routes to be pursued for quantitative testing but also facilitated the finalization of variant nomenclature. Moreover, the findings guided the design teams in defining a clear scope for further design development, keeping shopper and retail insights at the forefront.


The newly designed packets were subsequently launched in the markets of Indonesia, India, and Thailand, successfully introducing an updated pack design to these high-potential markets. This case study underscores our commitment to delivering data-driven strategies that result in tangible business outcomes. Our strategic approach and comprehensive analysis enabled our client to make informed decisions that significantly improved their pack design and boosted brand visibility.

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