Amplifying E-Commerce Triumph for an Alcobev Client: A Detailed Analysis

The Challenge:

In the cutthroat realm of e-commerce, our client, a significant player in the Alcobev sector, sought to carve out a successful strategy. The objective was to acquire a thorough understanding of both the channel landscape and shopping behavior with the aim of securing a robust presence in the online market.

Brandscapes Insights:

To achieve this, we embarked on a detailed exploration of the online channel’s 5W’s (Who, What, When, Where, and Why). This process enabled us to map out intricate shopper journeys for each identified occasion and prioritize touchpoints that would augment targeting and optimize investments.

We examined the role of various offline and online touchpoints and evaluated the performance of different platform types, including Pure Play, Brick & Click, D2C, and On Demand. Moreover, we pinpointed opportunities and gaps based on how shoppers interacted with key platforms and their respective apps.

Marketing Actions:

Equipped with these insights, we managed to maximize ROI by identifying priority missions, journeys, and touchpoints. We enhanced the shopper experience by collaborating with e-commerce partners, ensuring that our client’s Alcobev products were optimally positioned within the e-commerce landscape.


The success of this endeavor is best reflected in the feedback from the client: “I think this EP2P project and the results stemming from it will truly set the stage for the next 2-3 years of media & e-commerce strategy in Singapore, which we are already incorporating into some of the plans for 2022.”

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