Amplifying Product Differentiation Through Strategic Packaging Redesign in the Oral Rehydration Sector

The Challenge:

The task at hand was to revamp the design renditions of oral rehydration products to better articulate their benefit proposition. The aim was to modernize the visual aspects to aid healthcare professionals (HCPs), pharmacists, and consumers in effortlessly differentiating between various Stock Keeping Units (SKUs). This would facilitate pharmacists in locating SKUs readily and support HCPs in prescribing accurately.

Brandscapes Insights:

Our team deployed a multi-faceted approach to this challenge:

  • Differentiating Variants: We examined how HCPs, pharmacists, and consumers differentiated between product variants based on association and imagery.
  • Polishing Winning Design: We suggested necessary refinements to the most successful design – the cube design.
  • Spotting Key Elements: We pinpointed the vital elements influencing variant selection across target groups (TGs).

Marketing Actions:

Informed by our findings, we embarked on decisive marketing actions:

  • Pack Design Identification: We identified a pack design that assured clear differentiation of benefits among all SKUs for all TGs.
  • Maintaining Brand Imagery: We uncovered a pack design that successfully preserved the brand’s imagery.
  • Transitioning Design Codes: We provided guidance on transitioning familiar codes from the existing design to the new one to maintain continuity and familiarity.

The Outcome:

Our insights empowered the client to comprehend the performance of different variants and pack elements among the TGs. This understanding facilitated the launch of a pack that could be easily distinguished among the SKUs, effectively fulfilling the study’s objective. Consequently, this strategic redesign has enhanced the user experience for HCPs, pharmacists, and consumers alike, granting the brand a competitive edge in the oral rehydration sector. This case study demonstrates our commitment to delivering data-driven strategies that result in tangible business outcomes. Our strategic approach and comprehensive analysis enabled our client to make informed decisions that significantly improved their packaging design and enhanced product differentiation.

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