Maximizing Retail Impact

Maximize Your Retail Impact: The Power of POSM and Packaging with DesignMaxx


Brandscapes’ DesignMaxx is a cutting-edge service meticulously designed to optimize brand impact and maximize market presence. This comprehensive solution is more than just a design service; it’s a powerful tool that utilizes behavioral science, eye-tracking, and biometric technology to evaluate pack and POSM designs effectively. With its Dynamic Advance Stimulus (DAS), DesignMaxx tests in a full range of retail environments, from in-store settings and shelf mock-ups to VR shelves and online shopping portals. The service combines System 1 and System 2 thinking to offer clear, actionable recommendations that are future-focused, maximizing the efficiency of your pack/packaging or planogram to benefit your brand.

Key Features and Benefits

Pack Design Development

DesignMaxx’s approach to pack design development transcends traditional methods by leveraging behavioral science methods and biometric technology. The service evaluates design performance in terms of stand-out, communication quality, and consumer engagement. The goal is to create impactful designs that resonate with the target audience and enhance brand visibility.

Retail Communication

DesignMaxx optimizes point-of-sale material (POSM) communication by applying eye-tracking technology in various retail environments. This data-driven approach allows DesignMaxx to deliver clear and compelling messages that increase brand engagement and drive sales.

Omni-Channel Solutions

DesignMaxx’s omni-channel solutions offer a comprehensive understanding of the modern shopper. By recording real-time shopping behavior across multiple channels, DesignMaxx helps brands maintain a robust presence and maximize their reach.

Category Management

DesignMaxx also aids in developing hard-working planograms through its category management services. By evaluating the efficiency of current layouts and providing recommendations for improvement, DesignMaxx ensures that every aspect of the retail space works to benefit the brand.

Advantages for Clients

Comprehensive Approach

DesignMaxx’s integrated approach combines System 1 and System 2 thinking in its analytics. By triangulating System 1 & System 2 metrics and diagnostics, DesignMaxx provides valuable insights that enable brands to make informed decisions.

Data-Driven Insights

With a focus on data-driven results, DesignMaxx utilizes a broad range of data sources to construct a comprehensive view of the market. By analyzing data and identifying emerging trends, DesignMaxx equips clients with actionable insights that put them ahead of the competition.

Expertise and Experience

The team behind DesignMaxx brings extensive knowledge and experience to each project. Their expertise guides brands through the complexities of the market and develops strategies that promote growth and success.

Why Choose Designmaxx from Brandscapes

Proven Track Record

With a history of delivering successful solutions, Brandscapes and its DesignMaxx service provide confidence for brands seeking to optimize their design and maximize their market impact.

Customized Solutions

Recognizing that each brand has unique needs and goals, DesignMaxx offers customized solutions that address specific challenges and help attain objectives.

End-to-End Support

From pack design development to retail communication, category management, and omni-channel solutions, DesignMaxx offers end-to-end support throughout the entire process, ensuring a seamless strategy implementation.

In conclusion, DesignMaxx by Brandscapes is more than a design service; it’s a comprehensive tool that optimizes brand impact and maximizes market presence. With a robust combination of behavioral science methods, eye-tracking technology, and biometric technology, DesignMaxx offers clear, actionable recommendations that are future-focused, maximizing the efficiency of your pack/packaging or planogram to benefit your brand. With a proven track record, customized solutions, and end-to-end support, DesignMaxx is the ideal partner for brands looking to elevate their design and achieve their business goals.

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