Boosting Growth in Traditional Retail with Efficacious Point-of-Sale-Material (POSM)

The Challenge:

Traditional retail outlets presented our client’s brand with unique challenges including limited visibility due to space restrictions and reliance on retailers. In a retail environment filled with competition and clutter, carving out a successful niche was proving difficult for the brand. The most significant challenge was navigating this complex landscape.

Brandscapes Approach:

In response to these challenges, our team embarked on an extensive study aimed at determining the ideal combination and strategy for success in these traditional retail settings. We adopted a multi-dimensional approach that involved gathering insights from both shoppers and retailers. Our methodology encompassed shopper exit interviews, eye-tracking exercises, retailer discussions, and studying competitor activations.


Our research yielded invaluable insights into several crucial areas.

  • We pinpointed hotspots within the stores, understanding which sections attracted the most attention from shoppers.
  • We scrutinized the eye movement of shoppers during various activations and evaluated the influence of different point-of-sale materials (POSMs).
  • Furthermore, we gleaned lessons from competitor activations, formulating a checklist of what to do and what to avoid when executing brand activations in sari-sari stores.

Marketing Actions:

Equipped with these insights, we were able to propose specific marketing strategies to our client. We provided guidance on the optimal combination of POSMs needed to effectively activate different sari-sari stores, taking into account the significance and priority of store windows, coolers, and key anchor points. Our recommendations aimed to maximize the impact of brand activations in these traditional retail environments.


The execution of our recommendations resulted in substantial success for our client’s brand. By identifying the most productive combination of POSMs and utilizing our insights, they successfully activated sari-sari stores. The client’s brand achieved enhanced visibility, increased conversions, and ultimately boosted growth in traditional retail. The results underscored the effectiveness of our strategy and the significance of leveraging potent POSMs in this competitive environment.

To conclude, our case study demonstrates how our comprehensive methodology, merging insights from shoppers and retailers, empowered us to devise the best tactics for boosting growth in traditional retail through efficacious POSMs. By comprehending shopper behavior, capitalizing on competitor learnings, and prioritizing key areas within the stores, our client’s brand accomplished remarkable success in maneuvering this challenging environment.

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