Decoding Consumer Behavior

MobiEthno: Revolutionizing Consumer Behavior Understanding


Welcome to the digital intersection of traditional ethnographic tools such as immersions, journals, and audits. MobiEthno offers real-time glimpses into consumers’ personal spaces by optimizing free chat and instant messaging applications. Capture spontaneous thoughts, experiences, and gain an unhindered view into their world through a flexible platform where they can share text messages, audio, or video nuggets.

Key Features and Benefits

Qualitative Data + Rigorous Quantitative Video Analysis

MobiEthno uniquely merges qualitative data with rigorous quantitative video analysis. This integration allows you to delve deeper into consumer behavior, uncovering insights that were previously out of reach.

Visual Data and Frame-by-Frame Video Analysis

Our visual analysis system dissects videos frame by frame, providing granular detail on product usage, contexts, and conversations. This feature aids in identifying patterns, tracking time spent, pinpointing occasions, and understanding emotions associated with your product.

Real-Time and Convenient Data Collection

MobiEthno facilitates data collection from respondents in real-time and at their convenience. This method allows consumers to provide feedback, thoughts, and feelings during product interaction, ensuring data authenticity and accuracy.

Opportunity Identification and Segmentation

MobiEthno’s visual sequencing uncovers patterns and usage segments. Understanding how different groups use your product across various occasions enables you to identify opportunities for product improvement and tailored marketing strategies.

Speed and Cost Efficiency

With MobiEthno, you can gather information faster and more cost-effectively than traditional data collection methods. By leveraging cloud technology, you can reach a larger audience without a physical presence, saving both time and resources.

Reliability and Privacy

Data reliability is ensured through GPS marking and time stamping, providing accurate information about the location and timing of consumer interactions. MobiEthno also encourages honest feedback on sensitive issues that may be difficult to discuss in person, ensuring privacy.

Advantages for Clients

Actionable Take-to-Market Insights

MobiEthno delivers more than just data. It provides actionable insights that can drive your product development, marketing strategies, and overall business success. Understanding consumers’ real-world product usage empowers you to optimize performance and meet customer expectations.

Deep Understanding of Consumer Behavior

MobiEthno allows you to delve deep into consumer behavior by analyzing sequences and frames of video data. This granularity enables you to trace patterns, map consumer and usage segments, and identify behavior similarities and differences. This deep understanding empowers you to tailor your products and messaging to specific consumer segments, boosting their engagement and satisfaction.

Knowledge Artifacts for Decision Making

MobiEthno generates valuable artifacts such as moment-of-truth images, consumer interaction videos, audio conversations, and verbatim quotes. These artifacts provide tangible evidence and insights into consumer preferences, enabling you to make data-driven decisions confidently.

Enhanced Product Design and User Experience

Leveraging MobiEthno allows you to identify how different segments uniquely use your product across various occasions. This knowledge aids you in optimizing your product design, packaging, and user experience to better align with consumer needs and preferences.

Competitive Advantage

MobiEthno gives you a competitive edge by offering a comprehensive understanding of your customers. By utilizing insights gained through MobiEthno, you can stay ahead of the competition, anticipate market trends, and deliver products and experiences that truly resonate with your target audience.

Why Choose Mobiethno from Brandscapes

Expertise and Experience

With over 18 years of experience as a leading data analysis firm, Brandscapes brings a wealth of expertise to the table. We comprehend the complexities of consumer behavior analysis and have designed MobiEthno to deliver the most precise and actionable insights.

Real and Convenient Solutions

At Brandscapes, we believe in authenticity and convenience. We ensure our consumers are briefed in a non-leading manner, reminding them to provide continuous feedback throughout the data collection period. By embracing naturalistic solutions and reviewing uploads daily, we can adapt, change, and resolve any issues promptly.

Continuous Support and Guidance

Choosing MobiEthno means gaining access to our dedicated team of experts who are committed to supporting you throughout the data collection and analysis process. We guide you on how to effectively use MobiEthno and help interpret the insights gained, ensuring you maximize this potent tool’s benefits.

Proven Results

MobiEthno has been successfully implemented across categories, delivering tangible results and driving business growth. Don’t just take our word for it – witness the impact MobiEthno can have on your business by joining our satisfied clientele.


In conclusion, MobiEthno is more than a data collection tool; it’s a transformative solution that empowers businesses to view consumer behavior through a new lens. By harnessing the power of qualitative data, rigorous video analysis, and real-time observations, you can gain unprecedented insights into your customers’ needs and preferences. MobiEthno’s features are designed to provide you with actionable, data-driven insights that lead to tangible business results. Backed by Brandscapes’ decade of industry experience and commitment to continuous support, MobiEthno is a proven, reliable, and cost-effective solution that will drive your business forward. Embrace the future of consumer behavior analysis with MobiEthno and turn insights into action today.

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