Championing Enhanced Hygiene: A Worldwide Initiative to Elevate School Sanitation and Augment Academic Performance.

The Objective:

A premier global FMCG brand aspired to construct a distinctive, communicable viewpoint on sanitation and hygiene within schools. Their goal was to underscore the physical and emotional repercussions of substandard school toilet facilities on children via a public relations campaign.

Brandscapes Insights:

  • Formulating the Hypothesis: We confirmed that inadequate sanitation adversely impacted not just physical health, but also mental wellness. 
  • Acknowledging Global Issue: We emphasized that the matter of school sanitation wasn’t confined to developing countries but was a worldwide issue, prevalent even in developed nations.
  • Revealing the Unseen Link: We underscored the correlation between school sanitation and education, a connection often overlooked because parents and children rarely discuss school toilet experiences.

Marketing Actions:

Drawing from our insights, we pinpointed crucial actions: 

  • Underlining Correlation: We stressed the direct link between school toilet hygiene and academic achievement. 
  • Encouraging Open Dialogue: We acknowledged the necessity for open conversations about school sanitation issues to heighten awareness and incite action.

The Outcome:

In response to our findings, the client crafted a PR program that incorporated a unique and practical guide reflecting children’s personal experiences. This initiative ensured that the issue of poor sanitation was no longer concealed or unacknowledged, laying the groundwork for enhanced conditions in schools globally. This case study exemplifies our commitment to using data-driven strategies to deliver tangible business outcomes and societal benefits. Our comprehensive analysis and strategic approach enabled our client to create a meaningful public relations campaign that significantly contributed to improving sanitation conditions in schools worldwide.

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