Trailblazing Customer-Focused Tactics: A Triumph in the Worldwide FMCG Industry

The Challenge:

Our client, an internationally acclaimed FMCG giant, grappled with difficulties in capitalizing on its product portfolio in a swiftly expanding, emergent market. The market demanded a localized, customer-oriented approach that was obstructed by the client’s trade-centered methodologies.

Brandscapes Insights:

We executed a thorough analysis to reveal crucial insights across multiple categories: 

  • We laid a foundational understanding within the tea segment. 
  • We pinpointed SKUs in the hair care segment that incited both trials and loyalty. 
  • We discerned factors deterring consumers from a washing powder brand that succeeded in a neighboring market. 
  • We uncovered barriers inhibiting consumers from utilizing a face moisturizer brand, where our client was forfeiting market share. 
  • We detected specialist segments in the oral care domain where the client’s portfolio had a void. 
  • We scrutinized consumers’ media habits, and the role digital platforms play in swaying their choices.

Marketing Actions:

Equipped with these insights, we implemented several key actions: 

  • We successfully initiated the client’s global tea brand, customizing it to align with regional preferences and dynamics. 
  • We advocated for entry-level sachets for the core shampoo brand to safeguard its leadership position. 
  • We reformulated and relaunched the washing powder brand, factoring in consumers’ washing necessities. 
  • We reevaluated the brand assortment in face moisturizers, launching additional brands with an expanded portfolio, inclusive of skincare expertise. 
  • We reconsidered the oral care strategy in light of emerging trends within the category. 
  • We maximized reach and frequency through cross-media campaign strategies.


These initiatives paved the way for sharper brand-building planning, enhancing short-term agility, and establishing a robust, consumer-focused long-term viewpoint of the business. This case study exemplifies our dedication to employing data-driven strategies to deliver tangible business outcomes. Our comprehensive analysis and strategic approach enabled our client to make well-informed decisions, significantly improving their product development and enhancing market competitiveness.

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