Blueprint for Triumph: Fine-tuning New Beverage Variants for a Competitive Market Introduction

The Challenge:

A prominent beverage manufacturer aimed to assess two newly created prototypes across two distinct flavors, with the goal of benchmarking these against an existing product and market competitors.

Brandscapes Strategy:

Our team at Brandscapes applied our expertise to provide valuable insights: 

  • Performance Appraisal: We singled out the superior performer among the two prototypes for each variant by contrasting them with predetermined action standards. 
  • Product Enhancements: We proposed potential improvements concerning specific product attributes such as mouthfeel and sweetness to ensure the new introduction could effectively compete in the market. 
  • Market-Based Consumer Perspective: We noted that consumer opinions varied significantly by markets, primarily due to the stronger perception and presence of competitor brands.

Marketing Actions:

Our research yielded critical insights into the performance of the prototype versus competition, spotlighting potential areas of improvement to secure a successful product introduction.

The Outcome:

Based on our recommendations, the client implemented some of the suggested enhancements ahead of the product launch. This strategic approach ensured that the new variant not only met but surpassed consumer expectations, fortifying the brand’s position in the competitive beverage industry. This case study demonstrates our commitment to delivering data-driven strategies that result in tangible business outcomes. Our strategic approach and comprehensive analysis enabled our client to make informed decisions that significantly improved their product development and enhanced market competitiveness.

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