Mastering the Menu: Boosting Sales Through Menu Overhaul for a Bakery Chain

The Challenge:

Our client, a prominent bakery chain, grappled with the task of pinpointing the top sellers from a roster of nearly two dozen menu offerings. The goal was to identify irresistible selections to customers across several Southeast Asia markets.

Our Observations:

Our investigation unveiled that menu items featuring culturally identifiable ingredients held more appeal to customers. These ingredients not only heightened acceptance and relevance but also established universal credibility. We discerned that health and nutrition were substantial attractions in terms of benefit platforms, and customers demonstrated willingness to pay a premium for these benefits. However, items containing less favored ingredients could still work but wouldn’t command a price premium.

Marketing Actions:

Informed by these insights, we redirected our attention to items with ingredients that signified health and nutrition. We acknowledged the importance of preserving food quality, as it was a crucial factor in attracting customers. We advised the brand to provide both sweet and savory options with a healthy twist. Additionally, we proposed reevaluating products with exotic ingredients, as the audience exhibited reluctance to experiment beyond their cultural palate.


Thanks to these strategic actions, the client gained clarity on which items to introduce and at what price points. They also gleaned how to effectively promote the overhauled menu to maximize sales revenue. This case study highlights our commitment to providing data-driven strategies that yield tangible business results. Our strategic approach and comprehensive analysis enabled our client to make informed decisions that significantly improved their menu and boosted sales.

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