Revolutionizing Snack Industry: Successful Strategies in Morocco

The Challenge:

A top snack manufacturer sought to comprehend emerging trends among Moroccan consumers and their potential impact on the business.

Brandscapes Brew Insights:

  • Our comprehensive research revealed several key insights concerning the Moroccan market:
    • The education level and average age of Moroccan consumers was seen rising, indicating a more discerning and informed consumer base.
    • The tension between religious restrictions and the allure of the Western world causes internal conflict; however, respect for values and traditions remained strong. Interestingly, emigration was often viewed as a status symbol, demonstrating a complex interplay between modern aspirations and traditional norms.
    • Women in Morocco aspired to an egalitarian culture but aimed to balance modernity with tradition in a hierarchy-driven society. This insight underscored the importance of nuanced messaging that respected these cultural subtleties.
    • Millennials were instigating a cultural revolution, largely facilitated by mobile internet, which provided them with a platform for self-expression. This trend had significant implications for digital marketing strategies.
    • Food trends reflected a strong Western influence, with affluent consumers embracing vegan, organic, and diet-friendly options. This shift presented opportunities for product innovation and diversification.

Marketing Actions:

Based on these insights, the client implemented the following strategies:

  • Developed healthier product options to appeal to older, more discerning consumers.
  • Utilized Western settings in advertisements, demonstrating respect for traditional values.
  • Portrayed strong-willed women who respect traditional values and balance work and home life in their marketing campaigns.
  • Built digital platforms to provide a space for youth expression, tapping into the millennial drive for self-expression and digital engagement.


By basing the communication strategy on a deep understanding of human truths and tensions, the client brands resonated better with consumers. This alignment between our client’s brand and consumers’ realities led to incremental growth, demonstrating the power of insights-driven marketing. Our case study serves as a testament to the effectiveness of closely observing and responding to cultural and consumer trends in shaping successful business strategies.

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