Revitalizing a Premium Indian Shampoo Brand: A Success Story

The Challenge:

An esteemed shampoo brand in India relaunched its products, witnessing initial growth but failing to maintain the momentum beyond the first six months. The brand sought to understand the obstacles preventing sustained growth and to implement strategies to rejuvenate its performance.

Brandscapes Insights:

Our analysis revealed several factors impacting the brand’s growth:

  • The relaunch positively influenced the brand’s equity, but concurrent improvements by competitors hindered our client’s market share gains.
  • The large pack failed to increase the brand’s share in modern trade or in the high-spending metropolitan areas of Mumbai and Delhi.
  • The brand’s decision not to venture into the rapidly growing low-cost sachet segment resulted in slower growth in grocery channels, a major distribution channel.
  • The modified variant experienced growth post-relaunch, but it cannibalized other variants.
  • The brand lacked strong distribution in some key markets.

Marketing Actions:

Based on these insights, we helped our client execute several strategic actions:

  • Increased focus on enhancing and owning key imagery attributes.
  • Developed distinct positioning for each variant to cater to diverse consumer needs.
  • Undertook specific measures to enhance the attractiveness of the large pack by improving its price relevance.
  • Considered entry into the low-cost sachet segment as a long-term strategy for customer acquisition in the grocery channel.

The Outcome:

These interventions resulted in an improvement in the brand’s performance, marking a successful restaging of the premium shampoo brand.


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