Redefining Masculinity: A Skincare Brand’s Triumph in Male Face Care

The Challenge:

Despite male face care presenting a vast, untapped potential globally, it remains a nascent sector, accounting for a meager portion of the overall face care market. The adoption of male skincare products continues to hover in the single-digit percentage range across diverse regions. This stark reality underscores the magnitude of the challenge at hand.

Brandscapes Brew Insights:

  • The concept of masculinity was evolving, influenced by changes in family dynamics and societal norms. As traditional codes of masculinity were challenged, men often grappled with anxiety and seek out outlets for expression.
  • Men generally resorted to skincare products only when confronted with a problem and tended to favor simple, comprehensive solutions. Men often faced social judgment when indulging in grooming, traditionally viewed as a feminine pursuit.
  • Many men lacked awareness about skincare benefits and were apprehensive about being early adopters of grooming habits. They frequently consulted women about grooming. The lack of awareness and fear of social judgment were significant barriers to trial.
  • Leading male care brands have used digital media to create forums for men to engage in grooming discussions and foster a sense of camaraderie.

Marketing Actions:

In response to these insights, our client took the following actions:

  • Launched a male grooming range with targeted communication that encouraged men to overcome grooming barriers.
  • The client’s communication strategies tapped into relatable insights relevant to the evolving role of men.
  • The range provided simple solutions that were easy for men to understand and adopt.
  • The client successfully leveraged digital media to create 'brotherhood' platforms (online communities centered around men's grooming), encouraging conversations around grooming to drive habit change.


The introduction of the Male care range helped the brand add incremental revenue and penetrate a new consumer segment. This case study underscores the power of targeted communication and the potential of untapped markets.

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