From Dusty to Deo-dapper: A South African Deodorant Brand’s Comeback Story

The Challenge:

Our client’s brand, once a cornerstone in the South African women’s market, was regarded as effective but antiquated. Consumers had ceased taking pride in its usage. To reclaim its standing, the client’s brand needed to align with the sensibilities of contemporary South African women.

Brandscapes Brew Insights:

While our clients’ competitors had gained prominence, consumers found our client’s brand less impactful and distinctive. A decrease in advertising expenditure led to diminished awareness across primary touchpoints. Consumers didn’t associate our client’s brand with modernity, a vital attribute for differentiation in the category.

We failed to resonate with our ‘must-win’ attributes, which made us significant, resulting in a decrement in overall brand equity. Our client’s packaging was considered outdated, further cementing the perception of them as a brand from yesteryears. We didn’t excel in the crucial small aerosols pack segment.

Our competitor’s appealing packaging for Roll Ons, along with frequent price-offs, cultivated an aspirational and premium image, making them a more attractive purchase option.

Marketing Actions:

To counter these challenges, we executed the following actions:

  • Updated and modernized our client’s packaging to address consumer apprehensions.
  • Overhauled the communication strategy to underscore modernity and portray as a current brand.
  • Boosted marketing investment to enhance saliency.
  • Investigated smaller pack sizes within Aerosols to stimulate trial.
  • Following product quality and packaging enhancement, we instituted a pricing strategy to identify the optimal price points.


The client’s brand has demonstrated incremental improvement in packaging attractiveness and modernity and is on the trajectory to recovery.

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