Dispelling Misconceptions, Igniting Growth: The Market Revival of a Premier Lotion Brand

The Challenge:

Despite holding the position as the market’s most prominent brand, our client found themselves losing traction to rivals who demonstrated a superior comprehension and utilization of evolving consumer tastes.

Brandscapes Brew Insights:

  • Our examination disclosed that the client’s competitors were advancing in crucial winter-centric regions by appealing to new consumers. These adversaries exploited affordable pricing messages and celebrity endorsements within their promotional efforts.
  • Conversely, the client’s brand communication fell short in raising awareness levels, despite a high Share of Voice (SOV). It became evident that significant category usage barriers remained unaddressed in their messaging.
  • The client’s packaging labels were devoid of critical right-to-buy (RTB) information, such as the duration of skin protection and guidance on skin type, which consumers deemed essential prerequisites. Competitors, meanwhile, aggressively marketed their smaller packs to stimulate trials and conversions.

Marketing Actions:

To counter these challenges, we devised and executed the following strategies for our client:

  • We launched targeted marketing campaigns in specific winter-heavy regions to counteract competitor progress.
  • We overhauled our client’s communication to address key consumer usage barriers, such as post-application stickiness and time constraints.
  • We refined the pack literature, furnishing details such as the suitability of the product for various skin types.
  • We amplified distribution in certain regions to thwart competitors from making further inroads.


The initial response to our revamped marketing actions proved highly encouraging. These strategic changes aided the client’s brand in reversing its decline and reclaiming its market position.

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