Brewing Triumph: Reinvigorating the Growth of Our Client’s Global Tea Brand in Key Regions

The Challenge:

Our client, a renowned global tea brand, grappled with a deceleration in its significant markets – India, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. Deciphering the reasons behind this stagnant performance was imperative to secure continued growth for the client’s tea portfolio.

Brandscapes Brew Insights:

  • Our comprehensive analysis unfolded several crucial insights:
    • Black tea held a commanding market presence, yet an emerging inclination towards novel segments like fruit/herbal infusions was observed, particularly in more advanced markets such as the UK and UAE.
    • In burgeoning markets like India and Pakistan, local unbranded tea options were widespread. Our client’s brand primarily sourced from these unbranded users, emphasizing the need to distribute smaller packs to continually stimulate trials.
    • Negative impressions of packaging and perceived poor quality were troubling areas in the UK and Pakistan.
    • The overall distribution posed a challenge in the UK and the UAE, with rival brands expanding their share through superior shelf presence. Our client’s brand faced difficulties converting trial users into recurring customers across markets due to weak distribution strength in pivotal regions.

Marketing Actions:

In light of these insights, our client’s brand executed the following strategies:

  • They addressed the perceived quality issues and ameliorated pack perception through targeted communication.
  • They overhauled the distribution of small packs in developing markets to persistently transition unbranded consumers to their portfolio.


These strategic marketing manoeuvres resulted in encouraging initial responses, signifying a positive reversal for our client’s brand. The efforts invested in improving product perception, addressing quality concerns, and enhancing distribution tactics were instrumental in driving this revitalization. This case study illustrates the power of data-driven insights and strategic action in overcoming market challenges, driving brand growth, and securing a strong foothold in key markets.

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