Streamlining Idea Screening

IdeaSwipe: The Ultimate Idea Screening Tool for Successful Innovations


IdeaSwipe, a product of Brandscapes and the brainchild of Unilever, is an innovative idea-screening tool designed to supercharge the idea selection process. It’s a technology-led disruptor that leverages human intelligence and the latest technology to deliver consumer-shortlisted ideas benchmarked against the best in your category and market. This ensures successful innovations while saving invaluable resources and time.

Key Features and Benefits:

Global Benchmarks

Having tested over 20,000 ideas across 45+ markets and providing normative data in 28 markets, IdeaSwipe serves as a global solution for businesses operating internationally.

Fast, Automated Reports

IdeaSwipe generates swift, automated reports encompassing various facets of idea screening. These reports feature ideas chosen for their appeal and uniqueness, a shortlist of ideas ripe for enhancement, and open-ended diagnostics capturing consumer preferences and aversions. This comprehensive data empowers businesses to make informed decisions promptly.


IdeaSwipe is driven by consumer voices. It employs formal research methodologies and team consensus to identify winning ideas. By integrating consumer insights, businesses can ensure their ideas align with their target audience’s preferences, thereby boosting success probabilities.

Engaging Interface

IdeaSwipe boasts a gamified user interface, enabling users to swipe right or left to express their preference for an idea. This interactive approach enhances the idea screening process’s enjoyment, fostering active user participation.

Mobile-First Research Tool

IdeaSwipe prioritizes mobile accessibility, ensuring a seamless user experience on mobile devices. The interactive app promotes higher response rates and more accurate data collection.

Client Advantages


IdeaSwipe significantly curtails the time and cost associated with the idea screening process. With automated reports and agile results delivered within a week, businesses can streamline their decision-making process and allocate resources more effectively.

Informed Decision-making

IdeaSwipe enables businesses to benchmark ideas against category and market leaders, providing invaluable insights for well-informed decisions. The shortlist of ideas poised for enhancement helps businesses pinpoint improvement areas, ensuring the progression of only the most promising ideas.

Consumer validation

IdeaSwipe prioritizes consumer voices. By integrating consumer preferences and feedback, businesses can cultivate ideas that resonate with their target audience, leading to heightened market acceptance and success.

Benchmarking and Best Practices

IdeaSwipe benchmarks shortlisted ideas against the best in your category and market. This feature allows clients to align their ideas with industry-leading practices, enhancing the overall quality and competitiveness of their innovations.

Why Choose IdeaSwipe from Brandscapes?


As a no-nonsense expert with a point of view, Brandscapes brings extensive expertise and experience in market research and consumer insights. With a history of delivering successful solutions, businesses can trust Brandscapes for reliable and actionable results.


IdeaSwipe leverages cutting-edge research technology to provide accurate and timely results. The mobile-first, interactive app ensures a smooth user experience, while the gamified interface makes the idea screening process engaging and enjoyable.

Global Reach

Available in over 45 countries, IdeaSwipe is an ideal choice for businesses operating internationally. Its global reach enables businesses to garner insights from diverse consumer markets, facilitating informed decisions for their innovation funnel.


IdeaSwipe provides a cost-effective solution for idea screening. By automating the process and delivering swift results, businesses can conserve valuable time and resources. This efficient methodology allows businesses to focus on cultivating and implementing winning ideas.

In essence, IdeaSwipe, a product of Brandscapes, is an instrumental tool for idea screening, empowering organizations to identify winning ideas efficiently and accurately. Its unique blend of swift automated reports, mobile-optimized design, and consumer-centric approach simplifies the idea selection process, yielding significant savings in time and resources.

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