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Brandscapes’ AlwaysOn: The Key to Navigating Change

AlwaysOn, a cutting-edge solution offered by Brandscapes, is designed to help businesses traverse the ever-changing consumer landscape in the new normal. By leveraging agile consumer groups, AlwaysOn provides timely and relevant insights that enable brands to understand and adapt to evolving consumer behaviors and preferences.

Key Features and Benefits of AlwaysOn

Agile Consumer Groups

AlwaysOn harnesses the power of agile consumer groups, consisting of online consumer agents who act as eyes on the ground. These consumer agents bring forth authentic insights, equipped with a deep understanding of personal, household, neighborhood, community, and societal realities and experiences.

Timely and Relevant Insights

With AlwaysOn, businesses can stay ahead of the curve by receiving weekly reports, fortnightly newsletters, and monthly reports in a snackable format. These reports provide observations, incidents, trials, micro-moments, feedback, competitive intelligence, ground realities, and trends, empowering brands to make informed decisions.

Continuous Adaptation and Innovation

AlwaysOn enables brands to rapidly calibrate, adapt, and pivot their strategies to stay relevant in the market. By continually keeping a finger on the pulse of consumers, businesses can understand the influence of context on shifts in perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors. This helps identify innovation opportunities, giving brands a competitive edge and sustained relevance in consumer lives.

Advantages for Clients

Uncovering the New Normal

Brandscapes, through AlwaysOn, embarks on a journey to uncover life in the new normal. By traversing this uncharted territory, businesses gain invaluable insights into the changing consumer landscape, enabling them to make informed decisions and strategies.

Customized and Flexible Approach

AlwaysOn offers customized research activities that involve deep dives into specific priority areas, evaluating ideas, and exploring specifics at no additional cost. This flexibility allows businesses to tailor the research to their unique needs and adapt the program as they go along.

Expert Analysis and Reporting

With Brandscapes’ expertise in consumer research and analysis, clients can expect high-quality reports and analysis delivered in a concise and engaging format. The reports provide a steady stream of inputs on trends, happenings, thoughts, moods, expectations, and activities related to the client’s category, enabling them to gain a comprehensive understanding of the market.

Cost-Effective Solution

AlwaysOn offers a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to gain consumer insights. With a starting price range of approximately USD 5000-6000 per market, per month, clients can access valuable consumer data without breaking the bank. The costs can be customized based on market choice, target group, and sample specifications, ensuring affordability and value for money.

Why Choose AlwaysOn from Brandscapes?

AlwaysOn stands out as a comprehensive and agile solution for businesses seeking to understand the new normal and adapt to the evolving consumer landscape. With its focus on agile consumer groups, timely insights, continuous adaptation, and innovative opportunities, AlwaysOn empowers brands to make data-driven decisions, stay relevant, and gain a competitive edge. Moreover, Brandscapes’ expertise in research, analysis, and reporting ensures that clients receive high-quality deliverables that provide actionable insights. By choosing AlwaysOn, businesses can unlock the true potential of consumer understanding and drive their success in the new normal.

In conclusion, the future of brandscapes is characterized by a Butterfly Transformation, focusing on growth acceleration, glocal premium, action provoking insights, technology integration, pragmatic partnership, and having a team of dedicated insight professionals. AlwaysOn by Brandscapes embodies these characteristics, providing businesses with the tools to navigate the new normal and optimize their growth strategies.

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