Accelerating Concept and Product Tests

Mobisort Solution: Elevate Your Marketing Strategy to a New Benchmark


Brandscapes introduces Mobisort, a pioneering solution tailored to transform your marketing strategy. This comprehensive tool offers a bespoke approach to scrutinizing and evaluating various concepts including messages, claims, products, and communication, among others. With Mobisort, you’ll gain critical insights into consumer preferences, augment your brand’s appeal, and make data-driven decisions to propel your business forward.

Key Features and Benefits

Message/Claim Testing

Mobisort enables you to assess the effectiveness and credibility of your product claims. A scale-based questionnaire measures the resonance of your message with your target audience, ensuring maximum impact and fostering consumer trust.

Product Testing

Utilize Mobisort to gauge the distinctiveness and allure of your product concepts. By capturing consumer reactions and emotions, pinpoint which ideas hold the most market potential, thus empowering you to make informed decisions and allocate resources efficiently.

Communication Testing

Mobisort facilitates an assessment of your product message’s clarity and memorability. Grasp how well your communication resonates with consumers, refine your marketing strategies, and craft compelling campaigns that stimulate engagement and brand loyalty.

Pack/Logo/Visual Testing

Mobisort permits the testing of your packaging, logo, and visual elements’ effectiveness. By analyzing consumer impressions and preferences, ensure your brand identity accurately embodies your product or service, enhancing recognition and differentiation within the marketplace.

UI/UX Feature Testing

Mobisort aids in evaluating the user experience and navigation of your digital platforms. Measuring comprehension ease and satisfaction allows you to refine your website or application, providing a seamless and engaging experience for your target audience.

Client Benefits

Customized Solutions

Mobisort caters to your specific project needs with tailored solutions. Whether message testing, product evaluation, or UI/UX feature assessment is required, Mobisort can be flexibly adapted to meet your objectives.

Gamified Interface

Mobisort optimizes respondent experience through its app-based survey featuring a gamified interface. Leveraging swipe-based responses and quick choices, it engages both System 1 and System 2 thinking, minimizing respondent fatigue and capturing authentic reactions.

Comprehensive Diagnostics

Mobisort transcends basic acceptance or rejection of concepts. It provides detailed diagnostic questions, including uniqueness, credibility, open-ended responses, and solution-specific inquiries. This thorough approach yields valuable consumer preference insights, enabling effective idea refinement.

Fast Results

Delivering results within a week, Mobisort allows timely decision-making and maintains momentum in your innovation pipeline. Its agile nature ensures swift concept assessment and iteration, conserving time and resources.

Why Choose Mobisort from Brandscapes?

Expertise and Experience

Brandscapes boasts over 18 years of industry experience and a proven track record in delivering top-tier research and insights. Their expertise in consumer behavior and market research establishes them as a trusted partner for your marketing needs.

Innovation and Agility

Designed to match rapidly evolving market dynamics, Mobisort’s mobile-first research approach, inspired by behavioral economics and gamification, ensures you stay ahead of the competition and make data-driven decisions, propelling innovation and business growth.

Comprehensive Solution

Mobisort covers multiple facets of your marketing strategy. From concept screening to message testing and UI/UX evaluation, it offers a holistic approach, enabling informed decisions at every product or service development stage.

In conclusion, Mobisort is a transformative solution that empowers you to screen and test marketing concepts with precision and confidence. Its customized approach, gamified interface, and comprehensive diagnostics give you the necessary insights to captivate your target audience, differentiate your brand, and accelerate business success. Opt for Mobisort from Brandscapes and revolutionize your innovation strategy today.

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