Revolutionizing Global Market Reporting: A Case Study


A global beverages leader faced challenges in accurately measuring market and share data due to incomplete coverage and blind spots in the Retail Measurement System (RMS). The company recognized that relying solely on one data source limited their understanding of market dynamics and hindered decision-making. The blind spots, particularly in on-premise sales, created gaps in their knowledge of market share and performance. Additionally, the coverage gaps varied between markets, making it difficult to develop a consistent estimation model across all regions. The company needed a comprehensive solution to address these challenges and obtain a holistic view of the market.


To overcome the limitations of the RMS and achieve a comprehensive market and share computation, our team at Brandscapes developed an automated system called the Market & Share Reporting Transformation. This system utilized industry estimates from syndicated data sources such as Nielsen, along with internal shipments data and advanced analytics. Our advanced analytics team leveraged the client’s annual evaluation of the market to guide projections and estimations, while also using monthly variations to identify movements reflective of the overall market picture. The approach aimed to establish projections, automate data combination, and achieve worldwide scalability.


By merging multiple data sources and utilizing advanced analytics, we were able to generate valuable insights.

  • The algorithms used in the system bridged data sets, calibrating intersections to estimate blind spots with minimal error. This allowed for more complete coverage of competition and a consistent approach across all markets.
  • The comprehensive data analysis provided insights into our client’s volume performance compared to the competition, enabling a better understanding of market dynamics and identifying areas for improvement.
  • The insights generated through this approach helped our client teams make data-driven decisions and optimize their marketing strategies.

Marketing Actions:

Armed with the insights generated through the Market & Share Reporting Transformation from Brandscapes, the company implemented several marketing actions.

  • They expanded their sources from one supplier to multiple, aiming to increase value by complementing information.
  • Our client focused on reducing blind spots in each market by placing investments where there were gaps in knowledge.
  • Advanced modeling and projections were used to assess 100% of the available market, ensuring a more accurate understanding of market share and performance.
  • Additionally, our client aligned their marketing efforts with the insights gained from the comprehensive market analysis, allowing them to target specific regions and channels more effectively.


The implementation of the Market & Share Reporting Transformation yielded significant outcomes for our client. By expanding data sources and reducing blind spots, we helped the client achieve more stability throughout the year, reducing the risk of year-end surprises. The correlation between market share and growth improved, as our client focused on increasing value rather than relying solely on coverage. The automated system led to a 95% reduction in turnaround time, allowing for more timely decision-making. The consistent estimation model established by our Brandscapes analysis across all markets provided a standardized approach to market and share reporting. Overall, our clients achieved a more comprehensive understanding of the market, enabling them to make informed marketing decisions and improve their performance.

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