Enhancing Business Planning with User-Focused Forecasting Solutions for Our Client’s Global Beverage Company

The Challenge:

Our client, a top global beverage company, sought a cost-effective, time-saving forecasting method to streamline its business planning cycle. The goal was also to standardize the forecasting process across all regions.

Our Approach:

        1. User-Friendly Interface: We created an intuitive interface that enabled client users to carry out forecasts without the need for knowledge of statistical methods or software.
        2. Optimized Forecasting Techniques: Our tool evaluated a range of forecasting techniques – both traditional and state-of-the-art – to provide the most accurate forecast possible.
        3. Excel-Based Interface: We implemented a Microsoft Excel-based interface for straightforward forecast execution. Open-source statistical software powered the backend operations.

Marketing Actions:

The forecasting tool we provided harmonized the approach to business view and forecast creation across different regions. By delivering a higher level of forecasting accuracy, the tool minimized the effort and expense associated with the company’s planning activities.


Our tool amplified system capability, facilitating faster, more cost-effective, and robust forecasting. It ensured alignment across all regions, resulting in more accurate business planning. This case study demonstrates our commitment to helping clients navigate complex business planning challenges using innovative forecasting solutions. Our strategic approach and comprehensive analysis enabled our client to make informed decisions that significantly improved their business planning effectiveness.

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