Boosting Revenue Through Premiumization: A Client Success Story


Our client, a top-tier consumer goods business, aimed to boost their revenue by capitalizing on the premium market. The hurdle was to define this premium segment, pinpoint market opportunities, determine growth areas, and devise a winning strategy to captivate their target audience. The company sought to comprehend the market potential, the strength of their brand, and the crucial performance indicators (KPIs) that would empower them to implement premiumization effectively.


To tackle this challenge, we designed a universal framework to steer our client’s premiumization initiatives. The framework comprised three stages: defining the premium segment, crafting a playbook for success in the premium market, and grouping markets based on their potential and the strength of our client’s brand.


Through an in-depth analysis of SKU level data, we discovered that premiumness is product-specific, enabling our client’s brand to offer both affordable and premium options. Comparable Price Indices were employed to establish the appropriate price thresholds for premium products within the category. We determined the market potential and brand strength by considering factors such as the size and growth rate of the premium segment, our client’s share in the premium market compared to their overall share, and macro factors like the GINI Index, disposable income, and per capita consumption.

Marketing Actions:

Based on the insights generated, we developed a playbook for our client to succeed in the premium sector. This playbook offered strategic guidance for our client’s brands to innovate, create premium offerings for suitable occasions, and execute disciplined strategies. It underscored the necessity of making wise decisions and minor adjustments while maintaining robust execution fundamentals. The playbook also emphasized the importance of aligning premiumization efforts with the overall Revenue Growth Management (RGM) strategy and utilizing the OBPPC (Occasion, Brand, Pack, Price, Channel) framework.


By implementing the universal framework and adhering to the playbook, our client successfully boosted revenue growth through premiumization. Defining the premium segment enabled the client to identify and prioritize opportunity pockets, facilitating targeted marketing attempts. Our client’s brands managed to innovate, stand out from the crowd, and encourage participation in the premium segment. Consequently, the client expanded their market share with a robust premium portfolio. The disciplined implementation of premium strategies improved business metrics and positioned our client as a leader in the premium market.

Overall, our client’s focus on premiumization, guided by the developed framework and playbook, turned out to be a successful strategy for boosting revenue growth and capturing the target audience seeking either functional or emotional benefits from premium offerings.

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