Consulting Partners, Nirupama Kaushik and Asha Ganesan Sen presented at the NewMR Webinar titled “The Future of Storytelling and Visualisation” in November 2018.

Their presentation “Personally Speaking” was about the need for customizing presentations and stories basis who the story is for. They talked about the fact that with the personalisation in all spheres of life, the future of storytelling is the point of view of the person listening in, not telling it. Audiences are comprised of individuals who come to the presentation with differing perspectives and therefore are looking to make individually relevant connects and decisions. And that is where story telling needs to go – allowing individuals in the audience to make their personal connections and thereby customising the story to their world. One presentation, customised personal vision, unique storytelling.

NewMR is a collaborative endeavour, designed to help co-create the future of market research by combining the best of the new with the best of the old.

Click here to see the recording of the session.

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