Brandscapes Bhubaneshwar Office Inauguration

Brandscapes Worldwide set another milestone along its journey. The inauguration of the new office took place in Bhubaneshwar. Niranjan Banerjee (Associate Vice President -Analytics) shares his thoughts: 

 “A dream come true” – Yes, you heard it right, and it was echoed by our colleagues working from the Bhubaneswar office during the ‘Meet & Greet’ event conducted last week.

Indeed, we achieved a significant milestone on November 25, 2021 (Thursday), when we opened our swanky renovated office, with seniors including Pranesh, Shailesh, and Satyen flying down from Mumbai. We had about 73 employees join us at the office, where we had a lot of activities planned out, including a traditional Puja and cake cutting. The new space is attractive and highly functional, creating an excellent environment to work and engage with all the safety measures.

Heartful thanks to the leadership team, existing and new colleagues, those who could attend either physically or through Teams to make the event more exciting, fun-filled, and successful. As quoted by Pranesh, “Our newly renovated office space marks the next stage in our expansion, and we look forward to continuing growth at even a faster rate both in terms of expanding team and client base. We’re very excited for future opportunities and solutions to our esteem clients around the world”.

And the journey continues…

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