POSM sari sari stores

POSM sari sari stores

Driving Impact of Our Client’s POSM in SARI – SARI Stores

The challenge:

Determine which set of POSM design and placements would maximize shopper’s attention, engagement and purchase at overcrowded sari – sari store in Philippines.

Brandscapes Insights:

  • Generic insight about shoppers
  • They spend more time in stores than outside making the interior a vital activation zone.
  • POSMs certainly drive awareness and visibility, however engagement and conversion impact are less
  • They seldom find new news in POSMs displayed sari – sari stores
  • Specific insight into our POSM design and placements
  • Which connection in the POSM were working to dial up attention, engagement and purchase
  • What kind of impact placement had on the key KPIs

Marketing Actions:

  • Posters were improved, borrowing from star elements of our competitor’s POSM
  • The role of different elements and how to leverage them was perfectly understood


  • Clients were able to use the best POSM combination to activate different sari – sari stores

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