Omnichannel shopper opportunity

Omnichannel shopper opportunity

Fantastic journeys and where to find them! Decoding the omnichannel shopper opportunity in sea


A global spirits manufacturer wanted to assess the role that various touchpoints play in the shopper journey cycle and how these could be leveraged to drive specific goals for the brand


  • A holistic and rich 5W’s view of the alcobev occasion ecosystem
  • Identified high level JTBDs to help maximize touchpoint potential
  • A SWOT analysis for each touchpoint
  • Determined the role of each touchpoint (education, inspiration, disruption)


  • Reinvigorated content on owned media
  • Provided direction to instore activation, aligned to shopper needs
  • Unlocked the potential of dark social and communicated through mobile optimized content
  • Leveraged earned media to make it work harder for the brand
  • Rationalized A&P spends across media, based on the impact and effectiveness of each touchpoint


Helped the client uncover a holistic view of how consumers experience and interact with their brands. Findings were utilized to identify high level JTBDs to help maximize touchpoint potential

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