#LifeDuringCovid19# – Lets Meet At The Desk!

#LifeDuringCovid19# – Lets Meet At The Desk!



  • Brandscapes took the initiative to celebrate work from home.
  • Here are a few scenarios of Brandscapes employees working creatively from home!
'HomeWork vs. WorkFromHome' - Who's better at it?
#WorkFrom Home
Trying to be Serious
WFH with my youngest colleague.. We stay together, learn together, work together 😊 #sharingmyworkspace
"Lappy has not only made us lazy but can also hide our laziness at times.” Eagerly waiting to get back to our second home
When Monday to Sunday - All days become same
''Work From Home" Mode Activated
Working properly now-a-days beacuse someone is always watching my screen (The Cat)
#WorkFrom Home
Getting high on Carlsberg data 😜😃
Urgent work.... Carlsberg.....!!!!!
Carlsberg.....as alwyz!
When whole country is under lockdown… & electricity is gone… laptop 🔋 is at 1%... still work is on… this is WFH 😂😂😂😂😂
Behind the scenes..¬😁
Don’t ignore your daily dose of Vitamin D
#WorkFrom Home
Searching for Open WIFI 😉
#WFH #Expectation #With coffee mug chilling in home🖥️🖱️🙆🏻‍♀‍😎 #Reality#With Mobile network#Waiting long for network🙁
Work From Home Be Like This! Fun-yay!
Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. - Theodore Roosevelt
Divided by Lockdown; United by Work.
Working with two laptops - One for BSW & another for J&J. Work, Eat & Sleep - Nothing else in this Lockdown
This quarantine has brought many thoughts and I hope everyone around is also feeling the same. • From the day lockdown has started in India, it has been 22 Days,15 Hours,7 Mins and 45 Seconds. (Please re adjust the time whenever you read this thought). • Because of the quarantine I have been facing problems like Back ache, headache, acidity and grown ugly looking moustache. Basically, me and my grandparents are facing the same issues. • News channels are scarier than Aahat these days. • Empty Mumbai streets and No Vada Pav (Crying) • I have lost interest in the movies which involve travelling. • Once this over I would sincerely please request the senior management to normalize shorts, pajamas, and boxers at work. • Aloo is the superhero in these quarantine days. • My contribution to cooking at my house is counting the number of seetis of the cooker and turning off at the correct time. • These days even Netflix is started saying “Bhai thodi der aaj Amazon dekh lo”. • I don’t know if people will agree with me or not, deep down we are all thankful for the Lockdown happened. The nature has started healing • I would end by saying in these difficult times individual’s smartness is defined by the precautions a person is taking in the situations. #Stay Home #Stay Safe
“Only I know what papa is really working on!” 😉
Work From Home
Guess who is doing all the work on my behalf 😉
“We Don’t need Promotion, Let’s put WFH into Motion 🤣🤣🤣“
Work From Home
Who bulati hai magar jaane ka nahi!

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