How we helped a food major optimise their in-store

How we helped a food major optimise their in-store

How we helped a food major optimise their in-store activation in traditional trade post pandemic


An Indian food major wanted to understand how the pandemic had changed the purchase journey in the traditional trade stores. Basis this understanding, they would identify the key In-store cues to leverage.


  • Detailed every stage of purchase journey from mission, planning, pre-store, & in-store engagement.
  • Assessed shifts in behavior on mission, planning, touchpoints etc. owing to the pandemic.
  • Criticality of visibility & impact of in-store cues on unplanned shoppers.
  • Specific action for key brands with respect to planning , mission & touchpoints.


  • Touchpoints leveraged in-store across store formats & pop-stratas.
  • POSM prioritization to break the clutter.
  • Leveraged Purchase Decision Tree for assortment & arrangement (planogram).
  • Promotions that engage for the category.


Client identied growth drivers at point of purchase and pre-store criteria to win with shoppers.

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