How we guided the footsteps of a premium shampoo brand through its restage process


A premium shampoo brand India went in for a relaunch, saw initial gains, but could not sustain growth beyond the first 4-6 months. The business wanted  to understand what had gone wrong in order to re-accelerate the brand’s performance


  • The re-launch had a positive impact on brand equity. However, competitors had also managed to up their game which came in the way
    of share gains for us.
  • Our large pack did not do its job of growing share in MT or in the higher spending, top metros of Mumbai and Delhi.
  • We chose not to be present in the fast-growing, low cost sachet segment, which slowed down our growth in Grocers – the biggest channel.
  • Our modified variant did grow post relaunch but it cannibalised other.
  • Our brand lacked distribution strength in certain key markets


  • The brand increased focus on improving and owning key imagery attributes.
  • Sharply differentiated positioning for each variant was created to help consumers address different needs.
  • Specific actions were taken to increase attractiveness of the large pack, by improving price relevance.
  • Entering in LCS was considered as a long-term recruitment opportunity, in the Grocer channel.


Brand’s performance improved.