How a leading snack manufacturer tapped into human truths and trends in morocco


A leading snack manufacturer wanted to understand emerging trends in Moroccan consumers and its implications on business.


  • Education level of consumers and average age is increasing.
  • Their religion imposes restrictions while the western world is aspirational. While this conflict leads to turmoil, they  eek balance as they deeply respect their values and traditions. A move to foreign land equals higher social status.
  • Women aspire for an egalitarian culture but wish to balance modernity and traditions in a hierarchy driven society.
  • Millennials are staging quiet a cultural revolution, largely through mobile internet as it grants them a gateway to express themselves.
  • Food trends also reflect strong western influence as vegan, organic and diet friendly options are embraced by the affluent.


  • Developed healthier propositions to appeal to older consumers, more discerning consumers.
  • Used western settings in communication which depicts respect for their values at the same time.
  • Portrayed women who are strong willed but who respect traditional values and balance work and home.
  • Built digital properties to provide a platform for the youth to express themselves.
  • Launched vegan, organic and diet friendly alternatives to appeal to the changing needs of the affluent.


Communication based on a deeper understanding of human truths and tensions resonated better with consumers, leading to incremental growth.