How a global skin care brand tapped into the opportunity in male face care


Male face care is a huge opportunity across countries; currently a small percentage of Total face care. Penetration of male face care is in single countries across countries


Building blocks of what it is to be a man are in a flux. Evolution of the family and the society have redefined the man’s role. With traditional codes of masculinity being challenged, men are anxious and need an outlet. Most men use skin care products only when faced with a problem and prefer simple, comprehensive solutions. Men often need to overcome social judgement when indulging in grooming as it is perceived to be a feminine pursuit. Most men need to be educated on skin care benefits and are apprehensive about being the first ones to adopt a grooming habit. They often consult women about grooming. Lack of awareness, social judgement is one of the key barriers to trials. Leading male care brands used the digital medium to create forums for men to bond and engage in grooming discussions.


Launched a male grooming range with targeted communication that encouraged men to overcome barriers to grooming. Communication tapped into relatable insights relevant to the evolving role of men. The range provided simple solutions that were easy for men to understand and adopt. Tapped into the digital media and created platforms for ‘brotherhoods’ and encouraged conversations around grooming to drive habit change.


The Male care range helped the brand add incremental revenue and make inroads into a new consumer segment.