Boldly go where few marketeers have gone before!
Helping a Global FMCG giant discover consumer centric strategies


A trade focused approach was preventing an FMCG powerhouse from fully leveraging its globally renowned portfolio in a high growth, emerging market that was demanding a ‘local consumer centric’ approach.


  • Foundational understanding within the tea category which was hitherto missing
  • Identifying SKU’s in the hair care category that drove trials & loyalty respectively
  • Determining what was putting consumers off from a washing powder brand that was immensely successful in a neighboring market
  • Unearthing consumer barriers to face moisturizer, where client brand were bleeding share to competition
  • Discovering specialist segments in the oral care space where there was a gap in client portfolio
  • Understanding the consumer’s media habits and the role of digital in influencing their choices


  • Successful launch of their global tea brand, to suit regional preferences and tea consumption dynamics
  • Focused promotion of entry level sachets for their core shampoo brand, to protect leadership position
  • Reformulation and relaunch of their washing powder brand keeping in mind the consumers washing requirements
  • Rethink of brand mix in face moisturizers, launching buffer brands with a wider portfolio, including skin care expertise
  • Relook at the oral care strategy keeping in mind the emerging trends within the category
  • Reach and frequency optimization through cross media campaign strategies


Set in motion, initiatives to enable sharper planning towards brand building, allowing for agility in the short term and helped establish a strong consumer focused long-term view of the business