Democratizing forecasting: of the user, by the user, for the user


A global beverage major wanted a cost-effective and time-effcient method to generate forecasts for its business planning cycle. It also wanted to bring standardization in the forecasting process followed across regions.


  • Brandscapes created an easy to use interface to run forecasts by slient users. The user did not need to know any statistical methods / software
  • This tool compared different forecasting techniques and provided the best forecast. This included traditional methods available in the other statistical tools apart from new cutting-edge techniques
  • We used a Microsoft Excel-based (few clicks ) interface to run the forecasts, while the back end used open-source statistical software


  • The forecasting tool helped harmonies the way the different regions viewed their business and create forecasts
  • The tool delivered a higher level of forecasting accuracy, which helped the company reduce the effort and cost they put into the planning activity


The tool helped increase the system capability to deliver more accurate and robust to forecasting faster and more economically with all regions on the same page.