Brandscapes Announcement of Partnership with Ai Palette

SINGAPORE, September 7, 2021

Brandscapes Worldwide and Ai Palette have announced a global partnership that would accelerate deployment of Ai & ML led insight and innovation solutions for their clients around the world.

Ai Palette’s Foresight Engine identifies trends as they just emerge and understands the consumer needs that drive those trends. The engine uses advanced Ai and ML algorithms to measure the maturity of trends and predict their future trajectory.

Through InnoScapes, an innovation accelerator service, Brandscapes Worldwide helps global clients sharpen their innovation strategies to launch new products or renovate existing ones.

Ai Palette’s Foresight Engine for spotting early consumer and category trends is a powerful way to sharpen and accelerate innovations – and would neatly dovetail into our InnoScapes suite. We are excited about taking this solution from Ai Palette to our global clients,” said Pranesh Misra, Global CEO, Brandscapes Worldwide.

Ai Palette Co-Founder & CEO Somsubhra GanChoudhuri says, “The Brandscapes partnership gives us the opportunity to deliver on our mission of helping CPG organizations create successful products and bring them to market in months, not years. We look forward to enhancing the Brandscape suite of solutions with real-time insights that help customers make strategic business decisions using real-time data.

Brandscapes Worldwide is a global insights and analytics company that works with 100+ Fortune 500 companies in Food & Beverages, Consumer Goods, and Financial Services, helping them with insights and analytics tools for business decisions. Brandscapes’ network of offices and affiliates cover USA, UK, UAE, Turkey, Singapore, Myanmar and  India.

Ai Palette helps CPG manufacturers launch their next best-selling product in months, not years, by spotting and predicting consumer trends in real time. Its AI-powered platform derives consumer insights in 15 languages (and counting), making it the most comprehensive of any Ai-powered trendspotting tool. Ai Palette serves customers around the world.

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