Beverage consumption: Teens in MENA

Beverage consumption: Teens in MENA

Understanding the beverage consumption landscape among teens in mena


A global beverages manufacturer wanted a deeper understanding of the non alcoholic ready to drink beverages landscape – specifically to get up close to teens in their beverage consumption occasion moment to unearth potential opportunities


Real time smartphone capture (data, images, video) using MOBITRAKTM yielded rich insights across 10,000+ consumption occasions: ‘Energy’ was the key motivation (2/3rd of occasions) with ‘Health Maintenance’ and ‘Special Treat’ emerging a distant second and third Consumption increased as the day progressed with nearly half the consumption occasions occurring after 6 pm. Away from home consumption peaked in the morning and afternoon Grocery was the dominant purchase channel followed by Modern Trade, (largely Supermarkets)


Helped identify and embellish pockets of growth opportunities across specific occasions, dayparts, need-states, purchase channels Zeroed in on key competitive categories, fighting for share of throat Identified white space opportunities and positions of strength and vulnerabilities of client portfolio brands


Helped the client uncover an ‘in the moment’ view of the beverage consumption ecosystem, among Teens with a sharp focus on emerging growth opportunities to help drive share

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