How we helped a bakery chain add best sellers to their menu


Our client needed to identify best sellers from nearly two dozen menu options; offerings that would be irresistible to customers, in a couple of SEA markets


  • Options that had culturally identifiable ingredients were more irresistible
  • Such ingredients drove up acceptance, relevance and most importantly were universally credible
  • Health & nutrition were star attractions in terms of benefit platforms
  • Consumer were willing to pay more for these benefits
  • Items containing lesser liked ingredients could work, but would not be able to command a price premium


  • Items with ingredients that communicate health and nutrition became the focus
  • Importance of maintaining food quality acknowledged, as it was key to customer pull
  • Brand to focus on offering both sweet & savory options, with a healthy angle to them
  • Products with exotic ingredients need to be reconsidered, as the audience is not open to experimenting beyond their cultural palate


The client was clear about which items to launch at what price point and how to promote the revamped menu to gain maximum sales revenue