The TiE Knowledge Series is designed to impart basic business knowledge to entrepreneurs to enable their businesses to succeed. The sessions are conducted by successful entrepreneurs who have faced similar challenges in the past, or practitioners in the field of various management disciplines like Marketing, Advertising, Operations Management, Financial Management etc. The session that was organized by TiE at the Orchid Hotel on 27th August 2011 had the following rationale – “The Customer is the keystone for business success. An entrepreneur has to understand which unfulfilled need of a prospective customer he is aiming to fulfill. Identifying a customer has to be backed by a mechanism to reach out to him and communicate the value he is aiming to deliver. Marketing and Sales are key to building and scaling an early stage enterprise, and these skills are a must-have for an entrepreneur.” 

Aparna Mehra, Head of Strategy Maps at Brandscapes and Parvati Mahadev, Head of Global MR, conducted a session with TIE entrepreneurs on ‘Guidelines to Build a Complete Brand Strategy’ for early stage enterprises. Their session revolved around the critical steps that go into building a strong brand, and the importance of branding for business growth and sustainability. The session was attended by around 30 entrepreneurs and it generated a great deal of curiosity and interest.

For more details : http://mumbai.tie.org/event/3/tiks-marketing-my-product-service

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